Location: Öster-, Norr- and Södermalm. Living area: 150-200 kvm. Features: Attic and 2-4 bedrooms.


Location: City. Living area: 30-40 kvm. Features: Turn of the Century details, 1-2 bedrooms and with a balcony. Renovation is also interesting.

High ceilings

Location: City and Gärdet. Living area: 80-90 kvm. Features: High ceilings and with a balcony.

Mini apartment

Location: City and Södermalm. Living area: "Mini apartment". Features: Low fee and with no need to renovate.


Location: Östermalm. Living area: 135 kvm. Features: Turn of the Century details, 4-5 bedrooms and close to green areas and promenades.

Turn of the century

Location: Östermalm. Living area: 130-170 kvm. Features: Original and Turn of the Century details.